HACARUS EdgeEdge Device Prototyping Service

One-stop development service - get your Edge AI developed and integrated within 6 months.

Successful AI implementation takes more than just creating effective AI models. We understand the challenges customers can face - from selecting the right sensor to collect data, to visualizing the collected data and actually integrating the system to the already existing operation.
With strong experience of Edge AI specialists, HACARUS will guide you through the complicated process of hardware development to AI system integration - all within 6 months.

  • Prototype will be delivered
    within 6 months

  • Data visualization dashboard offered
    as part of the service

  • Seamless development from
    hardware to AI

We will help you solve these issues


- Considering starting a new business using AI, but not knowing how to proceed

- Having difficulty implementing AI systems due to restrictions, such as need for special sensor to collect data

- Need to proceed with business development speedily, but spending too much time and effort to manage and collaborate with different key players

3 Different Implementation Types to Choose from

Type 1. Cloud

Introduce AI to your opeartion with cost-effective cloud solutions


Type 2. Edge

Enjoy the benefit of AI with extra data security


Type 3. Hybrid

Development can be done flexibly depending on customer’s operation environment


Use Case Examples


Development of AI device to collect and visualize vital heart data straight from the dog’s paw

HACARUS and DS Pharma Animal Health Co., Ltd. is co-developing the ECG monitoring device for dogs. The system is able to collect vital heart data using an innovative electrode device. Test results are then processed using HACARUS’ AI to provide timely and accurate insights.

※ This device is under development as a medical device for animals


Measurement and analysis of chemical substances using special sensors

This service also supports data acquisition methods that are difficult for general-purpose devices to handle, such as gas and odor sensors. HACARUS will take charge of developing device prototypes as well as AI systems, which will contribute to streamlining the implementation process and shortening the project lead-time.

Service Overview

Duration 6 months
Service contents ・Proposal of edge AI hardware that meets customer’s needs
・Prototype development (3 devices delivered at the end of project)
・Proposal of data visualization method (Dashboard can be built according to customer needs)
・Development of AI system
・Support for integration with AI and existing systems
Other HACARUS can also support mass production of devices after prototype development.
Please feel free to contact us for details.

Getting Started with Edge Device Prototyping Service

Initial contact

After contacting HACARUS, consultants will provide a brief overview of the service, followed by a preliminary consultation in order to
assess the customer’s issues and gauge their experience with AI projects. If the customer decides to proceed with our services, an NDA will be signed.

Edge AI consultation

You will be able to discuss with HACARUS' edge AI expert about specific issues such as your
operational environment and data acquisition method.

Service details proposal

Based on Edge AI consultation, HACARUS will propose the detailed service contents. HACARUS can also support and suggest
the selection of data acquisition sensors according to the needs of customers.

Service Registration

If the customer is satisfied with the current consulting services, they will then submit a formal application.
It is also from this point that the customer will be charged for our services.

Edge Device Prototyping Service Kick-off!

With HACARUS, it takes only half a year to complete the process from specification formulation
to data collection device design and final evaluation of linked AI.

N N+1 N+2 N+3 N+4 N+5
Determination of Specification
Implementation of Evaluation Software
AI verification
Primary prototype design and production
Primary evaluation
Secondary prototype design and production
Secondary evaluation
Final evaluation of device and AI system

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