This solution remedies challenges such as

Daily workplace risk prediction activities have become stagnated and ritualistic

Inexperienced workers in workplace risk prediction are unable to effectively identify occupational accident risks

Managing workplace risk prediction activities on paper is inefficient

HACARUS Workplace Safety
for KY
utilizes AI for workplace risk prediction activities

HACARUS Workplace Safety for KY key benefits

  • Extraction of hazardous risk using AI

    AI assists in creating workplace risk safety sheets based on work name and conditions. Even inexperienced workers can create appropriate workplace risk sheets with the help of AI.

  • Display of occupational accident cases related to similar work tasks

    Displays past occupational accident cases related to similar work tasks based on the occupational database. Making it a helpful resource when considering points of danger, countermeasures, and safety objectives.

  • Can create and share workplace risk records through the app

    Create sheets on smartphones, tablets, or PCs and share them instantly with site supervisors and managers. With the option to output to PDF for printing and signing.


Customer Success Story

Manufacturing company
Use Case

"We wanted to reduce the risk of workplace accidents by extracting dangerous points by AI."

Impressions after use

"Using the app helped us discover new risks and simplify the work; I think with more use, it will be helpful to prevent accidents."

Usage Results

Why choose HACARUS


Extensive track record

We have undertaken over 100 AI projects in various industries such as manufacturing, energy and infrastructure, healthcare, and more - both domestically and internationally. We actively engage in collaborative research with universities and our extensive track record has been highly recognized.


Numerous awards

We have been selected as a promising start-up company from the Kansai region for the "J-Start-up KANSAI" initiative, promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Additionally, we have received the Director-General's Award at the "Japan Venture Awards," which honours visionary entrepreneurs in the venture business sector.


Reliable technical capabilities

We have invited advisors from Kyoto University, Tohoku University, and Shiga University to leverage their expertise in the latest technologies for our business development. Our team includes employees with a background in the manufacturing industry who actively participate in the development of HACARUS Workplace Safety for KY. Drawing upon their experience in manufacturing, we aim to create an application that is user-friendly and practical for on-site use.


What devices can I use HACARUS Workplace Safety for KY with?

It can be used on a variety of devices such as smartphones (iOS and Android), tablets, and PCs.

Although taking photos on-site or inside factories may be challenging, is it still possible to extract hazardous points?

It is possible to extract hazardous points accurately by simply inputting the work conditions and other relevant information by text.

Is it possible to extract danger points using our company's occupational accident case studies?

It is possible by creating a database. Please feel free to consult with us.

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