Getting Started with Visual Inspections

SPECTRO GO is a complete visual inspection AI starter kit, designed for new users that are looking for an out-of-the-box ready bundle to get started with early stage deployments and evaluations. Working with leading industry partners HACARUS has assembled a kit that includes camera, lens, industrial PC, evaluation software license, lighting, stand and measurement setup – all pre-configured to work seamlessly together and ready to tackle inspections tasks.

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A Complete Kit - Ready out of the Box

congatec Qseven

Ultra-slim Fanless Box Computer with Intel® Atom™, Celeron® or Pentium® Processor with SPECTRO pre-installed.

Precision Stand

Adjustable position and height enables image collection across various inspection targets with ease.

Basler Ace U

High quality industrial camera and lens for rapid & best-in-class image capturing to be analyzed by AI.

Measurement Mat

Marked positions and metrology indicators ensure consistent placement of inspection targets.

LED Lighting

Dual setup allows for stable and optimizable lighting conditions, leading to consistent data input.

SPECTRO CORE Evaluation Software License Included

AI Development Toolkit for Inspections on the Edge

SPECTRO GO comes bundled with a 6-month evaluation license of HACARUS’ award winning inspection AI SPECTRO, which provides smarter visual inspections using HACARUS’ proprietary Sparse Modeling based AI technology. Where traditional AVI / AOI systems are prone to false positives, SPECTRO excels and enables factory automation by vastly reducing the amount of reclassification needed by human inspectors. The license is delivered with a user friendly sample application, SPECTRO GO is also ready for integration – included sample code allows developers to quickly learn how to interact with the Inspection AI.

*Sample Application

SPECTRO GO Functionalities

Defect Detection

Detects defects in various materials such as wood, metal, and fiber. AI models can be created from only good samples, in case there is no defective product data.

Example of use: Detection of scratches, dents, defects, and damage.

Missing parts & Misalignment Detection

Detects defects such as missing parts and misaligned parts, identifying the parts that should not be present on the inspection target.

Example of use: Detection of missing parts, misalignment of seal position, and potential defects

Pattern Matching

Recognizes common patterns found on inspection target and detects areas that differ from other patterns. Identifies areas that should be uniform and defects non-uniform area.

Example of use: Soldering inspection, identification of line breaks on circuit boards.


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