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SPECTRO Visual Inspection Solution

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Fully Automated Secondary Inspection enabled by SPECTRO

While existing AVI / AOI systems achieve high inspection performance, there is the problem of having many false positives. This results in a secondary inspection involving human labor. By using our visual inspection solution, we can reduce the amount of human labor in the secondary inspection and automate it.

The target work supports various things such as substrates, precision parts, metals, plastics, and food. There are many AI models suitable for each work. Learning of new work is also possible with a small amount of training data.

Demonstration of Visual Inspection System

Integration with existing systems

Our visual inspection solution can be used as a single application or integrated into an existing system as a module. By using the API and SDK, it makes easy to integrate the solution into the inspection line currently in operation and to add AI function to your own product.

When used as a single application, we provide a dashboard for administrators and an operation panel for workers as an interface. Enables quick inspection operations using tablets and patch panels.

Integration with AVI / AOI systems

Integration with AVI / AOI systems

The AI performs a secondary inspection based on image data from an existing AVI / AOI system.

Wide range of supported inspections

Wide range of supported inspections

Various materials or products can be inspected, for example substrates, precision parts, metals, plastics, and food. There is an optimal  AI model for each.

Supervised and Unsupervised Training

Supervised and Unsupervised Training

Possible to learn new work with a small amount of training data or no training data.



When using as a single application, you can start using it immediately after installation. Pre-installation on a box PC is also possible. Use the API / SDK to integrate AI functions to your product.

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Hacarus is currently offering a limited free trial for customers, that want to evaluate our Visual Inspection solution with their own data. Please use the form on this page to contact Hacarus.

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