A toolkit for your EDGE visual inspection use cases.

With a focus on execution speed at the EDGE, we have created a native  library supporting SPECTRO’s main inspection algorithms.

The ability to integrate SPECTRO’s inspection features with industrial equipment has been a frequent request by our customers – today we are excited to announce that this feature is now available!

CPU only – no GPU required

By using SPECTRO CORE, system integrators or machine manufacturers can easily execute SPECTRO’s core inspection functions inside factory equipment or EDGE devices (CPU only) such as:

  • PLC
  • PC for Factory Automation
  • Smartphones

Less than 100ms

In benchmarking tests with various test-datasets (details available on request), inspection time per image is below 100ms – with a high inspection accuracy.

We invite you to try SPECTRO CORE for yourself and test the results with your own data, simply contact us to get started.

Hassle-free adjustment to changes in the inspection set-up

With the possibility to retrain SPECTRO inside the local device, new configurations of the inspection target or image conditions are efficient and hassle-free. No internet connection or data-transfer with other machines for the purpose of training is required, providing best in class confidential data protection. 

Supported algorithms

Initially, SPECTRO CORE includes our most versatile algorithms, including Reconstructor Inspector and Local Pattern Detecto and Pattern Matching.

  1. Reconstructor Inspector – strong in detecting anomalies in homogeneous surfaces, such as wood, metal, textile or organic surfaces. 
  2. Local Pattern Detector –  for objects with an overall consistent structure, such as cartridges, switches or motherboards. 
  3. Pattern Matching –  for inspecting objects that are near identical, such as printed labels or plain PCB.

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