New Automatic Parameter Tuning feature in SPECTRO

New Automatic Parameter Tuning Feature In SPECTRO

Customers can now try the beta version available in SPECTRO Cloud

SPECTRO’s flexibility to deal with different inspection objects comes from the ability to tune inspection model parameters to determine the way that SPECTRO looks at the target and how strict or tolerant it treats detected anomalies or defects. Finding the right parameters can be a time consuming task, but with our new auto-tuning feature SPECTRO can autonomously help customers find suitable parameters for an inspection task – significantly reducing the manual effort required.

Beta release available for testing for selected customers 

While this new feature is still in beta, we now allow selected customers to test auto-tuning with their datasets. Are you interested to see or try the automatic parameter tuning? Please contact the SPECTRO team, via email or through our contact form:

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To learn more about our Visual Inspection Solution SPECTRO, please visit the SPECTRO Product page.


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