[Blog Series Recaps] Evolution and Challenges of Deep Learning

[Blog Series Recaps] Evolution And Challenges Of Deep Learning

Hello everyone, My name is Kenshin Fujiwara and I am the CEO and founder of HACARUS Inc. 

Through this series of blogs, I will discuss a wide range of topics of AI, from the history of AI to practical tips for the successful application of AI projects. I hope my blog posts will help you better understand AI and solve your business issues.

In the last blog, we discussed the key points for successful AI implementation. Today, we review a series of previous blog posts about the evolution and challenges of deep learning as below:

Part 1: https://hacarus.com/thoughts-ai/20221009/

Part 2: https://hacarus.com/thoughts-ai/20221010/

Part 3: https://hacarus.com/thoughts-ai/20221011/

In the next blog, we will discuss an eco-friendly AI option using sparse modeling. For your updated knowledge and insight about AI technology, subscribe to our newsletter or visit HACARUS website https://hacarus.com.

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