Live longer and healthier with support of artificial intelligence Extending human life span with help of AI


Our sparse modeling based AI abstracts unique features even from small data set, enabling quick AI deployment with minimum effort.


HACARUS Fit Platform

One-stop system development package for medical and healthcare industries.


Our vision

Aiming for a world where we thrive to age 120

Hacarus is a technology startup from Kyoto, and also a healthcare company housing various health specialists.

Our goal is to manage a platform that provides an impetus for meal and exercise optimization, helping create a society where people can live long, productive lives.

Why we do

Changing average life span and healthy
life span of Japanese people

Our strength

  • Our strength is data analysis through artificial intelligence (AI).
    - We specialize in a machine learning system (sparse modeling) that makes it possible to make predictions
    from small amounts of data.
    - We flexibly customize our AI Hacarus platforms for each usage environment.
  • Our team values diversity.
    - We have a team of specialists well versed not only in the IT field, but also in healthcare.
    - We proactively use excellent talent from overseas, educational institutions, and intellectual property.
  • We take responsibility for inheriting Japanese culture
    and transmitting it to the world.
    - We do business using the assets and resources of our global city, Kyoto.
    - We research and analyze Japanese food culture and incorporate it into our global service.

Our partners & customers