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Lightweight and explainable AI.
Enabled for the cloud and edge devices.

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AI Solutions for Manufacturing and Medical Industries

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AI Solutions for Manufacturing

SPECTRO is Hacarus AI-based visual inspection solution that complements existing AVI / AOI systems. Supports machine learning in environments with small amounts of training data or no training data. Significantly reduces the labor costs of secondary inspection. The solution is available in the following forms.

  • Installable package for PC
  • Web-based cloud service
  • Pre-installed on box PC and industrial PC
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AI Solutions for Medical

Our algorithms are tailored for medical studies, medical treatment analysis, and drug research. Data used for these use cases can range from basic health parameters, like blood pressure, heart rate, or activity level, to CT brain scan images.

Through our Sparse Modeling technology, we can extract results from small amounts of data – such as a low-resolution brain scan.

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Modular AI Solutions for Highest Flexibility

Our AI technology is provided in the form of a single function called a module. Modules are suitable for bringing in only certain AI functions into an existing system. By combining modules, you can also cope with more sophisticated and complex issues. The module can be used via cloud API or SDK for embedded devices. We offer a wide range of modules to meet various industrial and medical applications.

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Benefits of Our AI Technology

No Big Data Required

We use sparse modeling technology that can extract features with a small amount of training data or without any training data. You can use AI in areas where large amounts of training data are not available and where collecting training data is too expensive.

Explainable AI

Unlike deep learning, in which the decision-making process of AI is a black box,  ours is visualized in a form that can be interpreted by humans. Our AI provides high interpretability in medical and mission-critical areas where it is essential to understand AI’s decision-making process.

Training and Inference at the Edge

Our technology can prevent the performance degradation of AI due to environmental changes by additional learning on the edge side. Supports both learning and inference completely offline without the need for a server or internet connection.

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