Employee Interview Series: From Space to HACARUS – Tech Lead Hirotoshi Uchino shares his perspective

Employee Interview Series:  From Space To HACARUS – Tech Lead Hirotoshi Uchino Shares His Perspective

Aiming to develop the technology that creates a society where people can live comfortably and safely

Application Engineer/Tech Lead (Uchino)

Hirotoshi Uchino, Application Engineer / Tech Lead

Completed his doctoral studies at the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University. After obtaining his doctorate, he developed disaster-related applications at a research and development contracting company. Joined HACARUS in 2021 and is currently involved in the development of AI for preventing industrial accidents.

Realizing the true purpose of an engineer through the development of a disaster-related app

In my previous job, I worked for a research and development contracting company, where I applied my knowledge of machine learning to develop disaster-related applications. Originally, I participated in the project at the company’s request. However, as I became involved in the development, I learned how many people suffer from sudden disasters, and began to think about the significance of preventing damage caused by accidents and disasters. I began to want to use my skills to build a society where people can live comfortably and safely.

Perhaps some people who want to work as engineers do so because their purpose in working is to “improve their own skills” however from my point of view, the original role of an engineer is to develop solutions that are needed by society and have people use them. I would like to promote the social implementation of the system I am currently developing and contribute to creating a more comfortable society.

Development at HACARUS is a job that tests your overall skills as an engineer

At HACARUS, I am involved in the development of AI to prevent industrial accidents for the manufacturing industry. Factories have various work processes, and sometimes workers may have accidents. The risk of accidents increases not only due to human error, but also due to equipment failure and the work environment. Therefore, we are developing a system that uses cameras to capture the situation at the site, and uses AI to detect and warn of danger. The system we are currently developing must be be able to run locally on a low-powered computer, so knowledge of not only software but also hardware is required. It is a highly challenging development that requires comprehensive capabilities. However, the high level of difficulty makes it very rewarding, and I find development interesting.

Our employees have diverse backgrounds, expanding the possibilities for development

The members working at HACARUS come from a wide variety of backgrounds. My original specialty was in natural sciences. However, my experience in academic research, investigating the fundamental background of problems, correctly analyzing data, and working to solve problems, has become the foundation of my work. Now that I work as an application engineer, I value being useful to the world and my colleagues. Also, having people with various backgrounds in the company means that even if there is something I don’t know, the chances of being able to solve it with the help of my colleagues are high. I feel that the diversity of backgrounds is a great strength of HACARUS, as it also leads to expanding the scope of development.

I have specialized in space-related fields within the natural sciences. Recently, the word “space weather forecast” has been attracting attention, so I think it would be interesting if HACARUS could develop a product related to space weather forecasting in the future!

With HACARUS, you can combine work, childcare – and hobbies

HACARUS has a good welfare system, so I feel it is easy to work here as an employee. Although it is not a system unique to HACARUS, I am grateful that male employees can actively take parental leave. I happened to be the first male at HACARUS to take parental leave, and my boss and colleagues were happy to accept it, so I was able to focus on raising my child with peace of mind.

It is easy to balance work and private life, so I have plenty of time for hobbies. I devote my holidays to shogi. Recently, I was inspired by Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels, who is famous for his love of weather observation, and I personally obtained a weather forecaster qualification (laughs). I hope to be able to use this knowledge in my work someday.

I think that people who are interested in various things and like to try them are perfect for HACARUS. In addition, I would be happy to work on development with people who are persistent and positive in facing difficult challenges.

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