Machine Learning Meetup KANSAI #7

Machine Learning Meetup KANSAI #7

As usual, HACARUS participated in the lastest Machine Learning Meetup Kansai, held on November 27th at LINE’s Kyoto Offices. Unlike previous sessions, this last meetup of the year was held as a panel session including engineers from LINE, Rist, Hatena, HACARUS and moderated by LiveSense. In this post, Tanaka, and Sumie, two interns at our Kyoto headquarters that attended share their impressions.

During the Panel discussion topics such as, “What algorithm should be selected for tasks with low certainty?” “Does the algorithm produce the expected results?” “It is possible that no meaningful output is obtained despite repeated trial and error?”

To succeed in a machine learning project, you need to understand and address the characteristics of the project and any risks. This time, we discussed openly about what each company is doing to make the project successful and various issues. We enjoyed the open conversation and the information sharing – the machine learning community in Kansai is really strong!

“It was a very meaningful time to learn how each company approaches machine learning and what problems they are tackling. This MACHINE LEARNING MEETUP KANSAI, had a slightly different mood than before, with a new format for panel discussions, but was really fun.”

As we move into a new year, we look forward to continuing being involved with the Machine Learning community in Kansai and beyond!

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